Foliatec Carbody Spray Film – the quick and easy to apply spray-on alternative to automotive wrapping film has been joined by a new accessory for Spray-Film.

It’s a sealer that is ideal for the permanent sealing of Spray Film and binds with the Spray Film product to protect it against damage but also facilitates easier cleaning.

Not only does it provide the Spray Film with extra protection against dirt and abrasion, but the increased layer thickness eases the removal process (if required) by allowing removal in one continuous sheet rather than pieces that need to be picked off.

A variety of colours and finishes include the ability to turn matt and metallic Spray Film colours into glossy ones and vice versa. The product will also improve the colour-fastness of Carbody Spray Film, especially the brighter colours.

One can of Spray Sealer is sufficient for four wheels (using two cross-coats) and it will ‘flash-off’ in around ten minutes and will cure to achieve its full protective ability in around 24-hours.

Both matt and glossy versions of Foliatec’s Spray Sealer retail at £12.99 inc VAT for a 400ml can with more details from ENDS.