Healey Designs is doing very nicely with their Enigma range and the Mazda MX-5-based kit is now produced in a factory in Latvia.

The four-cylinder version is now based around Mazda MX-5 Mk3 mechanicals while the new V8 example uses a Lexus V8 and raises to power to a conservative 280bhp.


The customer has several other choices to make such as how they want their fully built Enigma. Let me explain. You can choose from all-new components (gets a current ‘16’ registration) from £33,000, remanufactured parts from £28,900 or refurbished parts from £24,500.

A fully built V8 using all-new parts costs from £35,800, incidentally.


The Enigma is also available in kit form and £6750 buys you the four-cylinder or £6995 is the price of the V8 kit.

You can read about various options in the May/June 2016 issue of TKC MAG.

More from www.healydesigns.co.uk or 07584 087 056 ENDS.