Despite being over forty years old the Ford Essex 3-litre V6 is still a popular and potent engine for classic Fords, kitcars and hot rods alike.

Unfortunately, age also brings with it the problem of OEM parts becoming obsolete. One of these is the carburettor ‘W’ plate, which is essential to ensure the fuel-air mixture is evenly distributed to all six-cylinders.

For quite some time owners have had little option but to source secondhand ‘W’ plates, but now Webcon has come to the rescue with a faithful reproduction of the original part. The new part has the benefit of being made from modern materials that ensure far superior heat insulation. There is also the additional advantage of having been manufactured to Webcon’s exacting quality standards.

The new Webcon ‘W’ plate is available as part number is 9990388200 and retails at £74.88 inc VAT and is available from 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.