news_euraxFor several decades mechanics and engineers have been protecting themselves by wearing latex or vinyl gloves while they are working. It seems strange that after all this time we are still using the medical examination type of glove and no one has addressed the particular problems that this presents to mechanics, engineers, classic, race, kitcar enthusiasts, farmers etc. who use these gloves daily. Until now…

Eurax is now offering Warrior Grip gloves that address many of the problems that we are all familiar with. These gloves are designed to last a whole day at work without ripping, tearing or dissolving. They are many times stronger than latex gloves but still provide excellent ‘feel’ when working.

The gloves are of nitrile composition, so can safely be used by anyone with a latex allergy, and they won’t dissolve if they come into contact with fuel, chemicals or thinners.

They feature a double sided ‘fish-scale’ grip pattern moulded on both the inside and out; this provides a positive grip on dry, wet or oily parts thus allowing the user to turn oil filler caps and oil filters and loosen container caps without having to remove the gloves.

They are powder-free (yayyyy!), ambidextrous and come in a distinctive orange for easy identification. Supplied in boxes of 50, they are HSE approved as PPE Cat 3 gloves and protect against bio-hazards to EN374-2 2003 standard.

They have a retail price of £8.33 inc VAT per box and available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

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