We all know that it’s sensible to change cambelts at the recommended mileage but while  doing that on Pinto engines it’s a good idea to change the rubber cam cover gasket at the same time.

Like cambelts, the rubber gasket has a finite lifespan so it makes sense to change it while you have the cam cover off. Burton Power has two versions of the SOHC Pinto Rubber Gasket available – ‘narrow’ for the Pinto to August 1983 and ‘wide’ for the Pinto from August 1983 onwards.

The early (narrow) version retails at £13.99 inc VAT and can be ordered as part number FT779R; the wide version for later vehicles is FT779AR and retails at £14.99 inc VAT

More information from 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.