The new ONYX™ Series Starter Shield from Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) provides reliable heat protection for starters under severe duty or extreme heat. Starters exposed to heat-soak often malfunction or have problems starting reliably. DEI’s next generation ONYX Series Starter Shield provides the highest level of thermal protection to prevent starter malfunction due to heat soak.

The ONYX Series Starter Shield combines two technologically advanced textiles into a dual-layer for maximum thermal control. The outer layer is made from heat-treated glassfibre bonded with molten aluminium then formed into a tight weave for added strength and durability. The inner layer is made of a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica). Combined, these materials protect the starter up to 730°c (1350°f) of direct heat.

The shield has a rich, black finish and comes 17.78cm (7in) wide by 60.96cm (24in) long.

The length can be trimmed-to-size for added convenience and fastens with a hook and loop fastening system; this makes it easy to install and avoids the need and trouble of removing the starter. Multi-purpose in design and fit, this shield can also be used to wrap most master cylinders, distributors and fuel pumps as well as many other components.

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