news_pipercrossPerformance filtration specialist Pipercross has the perfect solution for anybody wishing to run carbs or throttle bodies on their race, road or off-road vehicle, but needs to keep things neat and compact; the Universal Trumpet Sock range!

Sold in pairs, or as a double stack version, these versatile little filters fit over the vast majority of velocity stacks and inlet pipes, simply dropping over the top and gripping thanks to the inherent tension in the foam. In instances where more security of fitment is needed, a simple cable tie around the base secures the sock firmly, ready to take on the worst the track – or rally stage – has to throw at it.

If you’re running a short inlet tract, the single filters can also easily be cut with scissors to achieve precisely the right length – perfect for many kit cars or custom applications where clearance between bonnet and engine can be super-tight!

Two foam compositions are available, Pipercross’ BTCC-winning ‘Competition’ triple-layer foam, or for those venturing out into more inhospitable terrain, the green ‘MX’ foam should be more than up to the job of repelling dirt, dust and mud. All filters use Pipercross’ unique multi-layered foam construction, which means not only means a higher rate of flow, but also that, compared to even the leading cotton-gauze replacements, Pipercross foam filters can go for up to three times longer before needing any servicing or cleaning. This can be done indefinitely for the life of the filter.

Priced competitively, these socks should be in every race tech and kitcar builder’s tool box! There’s not a lot they can’t do! They are available as doubles or in pairs at £26.39 inc VAT.

For more details on the 3000+ vehicles covered by the Pipercross range, visit or call them on 01604 707 750 ENDS.