If you’re one of the many, many kitcar enthusiasts with a Ford Type 9 gearbox. This partial gear kit set from Burton Power is designed to lower the ratio of first gear from a short 3.65:1 to a much more usable 2.98:1.

The kit includes a brand new mainshaft first gear and a used layshaft cluster that has been modified and fitted with a new first gear. The remaining gears do not require replacing. Each kit is supplied on an outright basis with no surcharge or return of original required.

The Ford Type 9 five-speed gearbox (also referred to as a ‘Type N’ gearbox in some workshop manuals) was Ford’s first rear wheel drive five-speed ‘box. It was based on the four-speed Type E and features a cast iron main case with alloy tail-housing.

This gearbox is the most commonly used for five-speed conversions on older vehicles and as well as kitcars it’s commonly transplanted into other classic makes such as MG and Triumph. A 4×4 version of this ‘box was also available and fitted to early XR4x4 and Granada Mk3 models (note – this kit does NOT fit 2.8 boxes).

Order as Part Number: GBT9200 at £250 inc VAT from www.burtonpower.com or 0208 554 2281 ENDS.