Chrysler’s B and RB engines are capable of making monstrous amounts of horsepower with the right components. Now big block Mopar fans can boost their airflow with a set of Trick Flow PowerPort 240 aluminium cylinder heads.

news_trickflowDyno-tested on the company’s Superflow dyno, a 10.4:1 compression, 446-cubic inch Mopar with PowerPort 240s made 620bhp.

The cylinder heads feature fully profiled 78cc combustion chambers and CNC Street Ported 240cc intake/74cc exhaust runners for balanced airflow from runner to runner. Trick Flow engineers fixed the shortcomings of the factory head design by relocating the oil holes for the rocker shafts and optimising the shape of the runners to increase airflow velocity and add much needed strength to the rocker arms shaft bosses.
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