news_dei_nimbusAs the summer comes to an end it’s time to prepare your car for winter and before you add anti-freeze it’s a good idea to flush your cooling system completely using Radiator Flush from DEI.

DEI Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to restore cooling system efficiency by removing rust deposits and dissolving oily residue. A flush through will leave your cooling system clean and ready to be re-filled with a water/anti-freeze mix – or you could give your cooling system a boost by adding DEI’s Heater Hotter.

Heater Hotter is a performance radiator additive specially formulated to rapidly absorb heat from the engine and transfer it to the cooling system without raising engine temperatures. Accelerating the transfer of heat means a 50 per cent faster engine warm-up from cold to normal operating temperature and it ensures hot air is available for interior heating on demand even in sub-zero temperatures.

Heater Hotter also includes a corrosion inhibitor that helps stabilise the pH level to reduce rust, prevent electrolysis and mineral deposits from forming on radiator and intercooler cores for long term protection.

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