news_foiliatecYou may have heard about FOLIATEC®.com’s Spray Film and the product enables you to re-colour your wheels, accessories or even your whole car yourself at home. If you fancy a change or the film gets damaged, you just peel it off and re-spray.

It’s this complete removability that has made the product so popular and now FOLIATEC®.com has come up with a Spray Film Remover for films that are too thin or worn to be peeled off easily.

The Spray Film Remover is easy to use and loosens any remains of the film quickly and effectively. Spray it onto the film and let it work for a minute. Then remove what remains of the Spray Film with a cloth or a pressure washer.

You can thus restore the surface to its original state or re-spray with FOLIATEC®.com Spray Film. The combination of the products is ideal for company delivery or promotional vehicles. They can be sprayed in corporate colours and then the film can be removed when the vehicle is sold on or if the film is damaged.

FOLIATEC®.com Spray Film Remover retails at £9.99 inc VAT per can with more information from ENDS.