AP Racing, the leading manufacturer of performance braking and clutch systems for race and road use, has introduced a new Pneumatic Emergency Clutch Release system.

The CP9810 family of actuators fulfils the FIA’s requirements for external clutch disengagement, providing race marshals with a simple and efficient process when moving stricken cars. The system enables clutches to be released externally, without the necessity to press the clutch pedal/pull the clutch paddle from inside the car.

The new system is fully compatible with AP Racing’s CP4623 type master cylinders without the need for modifications, however master cylinder bore sizes need to be calculated from clutch release load and travel.

The unit requires an air source of 8 to 10Bar, along with a 9v power source and an externally mounted activation switch that is accessible to marshals. These are not supplied with the units, however an air source can be provided by AP Racing (contact for more details). Appropriate AV mounts should be used if the unit is to be attached directly onto a gearbox or engine.

Clutch opening times are controlled by the amount of air pressure, the type of master cylinder and clutch specification, with the electrical response time of 10ms. The clutch is released once the power is removed using a push to break switch.

The CP9810 family comes in four variants; CL9810-2:AS (Ø14mm Bore), CL9810-3:AS (Ø15mm Bore), CL9810-4:AS (Ø0.625in) Bore and CL9810-5:AS (Ø0.700” Bore).

AP Racing’s products are available from distributors across the UK, while product information and technical guidance are available direct from AP Racing. More from 02476 639 595 or visit ENDS.