Nine new Detailing Brushes from Valet PRO hit the shelves this month and the range kicks off with the Upholstery Brush, at £11.99, designed specifically for carpets and seats. With extended, rigid bristles it’s the perfect tool for reaching down the side of seats and under your pedals and is ideal for agitating dirt and dust from all upholstery.

Next up comes the Long Reach Wheel Brush at £10.20, this looped wire brush with tough, chemical resistant bristles has been designed to reach between the spokes and through to the back of alloy wheels regardless of the diameter. For those on the show circuit where perfection is key, this will be an essential tool in the detailing arsenal.

Also good for rims is the Twisted Wheel Brush (£13.99), it uses a single wire unlike the Long Reach, meaning you can access even the tightest spaces, so it’s ideal for wire, multi spoke and intricate wheel designs. It features poly bristles, which unlike nylon, have a memory, so they will always return to their original shape, they also won’t absorb chemicals, making them far tougher and resilient however hard or for as many years as you use them.

The Wooden Handle Chemical Resistant Brush at £10.80 has been designed for cleaning the face of alloy wheels and can be used with all alkaline and acidic products with no ill effects on the brushes aesthetics or cleaning potential. This brush is also available with a plastic handle (£8.99).

ValetPRO’s Leather Brush (£9.99) uses soft nylon bristles which helps to gently agitate dirt engrained within the leather. This gives a deeper and more effective clean and will help turn back the clock on your leather seats.

The Boar Hair Brush is available in both large (£2.99) and small (£2.40) sizes and both are perfect for dusting dashboards, air vents and tough to reach nooks and crannies. These can also be used to apply tyre and plastic dressings.

Finally, comes the Foam Detailing Brush (£4.20 x 5), which are designed for polishing grills, applying dressings to plastic and vinyl trims and for reaching inaccessible areas such as air vents, seat rails and engine components.

All nine ValetPRO wheel brushes are available right now from all good (and bad) resellers. To find your nearest stockist log onto and enter your postcode ENDS.