Well-known purveyors of automotive components such as diffentials, Titan Motorsport & Auto Engineering, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Having grown out of Charles Lucas Engineering, a raceteam running Piers Courage in F3 in 1965, Titan has developed to be a well-respected engineering firm supplying components and engineering solutions to high-profile motorsport teams, specialist car manufacturers, as well as international automotive OEMs.

“This was quite a gradual thing, to shift from complete cars to components, but also a carefully considered move. The demand was clearly there, and it’s never good to have all of your eggs in one basket, so this was a very natural way to progress for us,” commented Titan’s co-owner, Oz Timms.

Another aspect for the company’s longevity and success is its committed personnel, as Titan’s Financial Director and co-owner, Diana Thomas explained: “We’d like to think that at Titan, we take care to employ the right people and let them get on with the job. Obviously this needs to happen in coherence with our vision and ethos, to ensure that we maintain our quality standards and deliver to the level that is expected from us by our clients.” Diana said.

Looking ahead, Managing Director, George Lendrum sees a bright future: “Over the coming years, Titan will evolve and grow. I envisage that we will become a much more integrated part of the supply chain for our customers,” George states. “We are seeing that already, because we are being asked to provide engineering solutions, not just solely component production. So we will see more development work, more technology being applied to provide solutions for clients, and Titan playing a more significant role in the engineering of our customer’s products. We are getting set to develop that aspect of the business, but also keeping our focus on the existing manufacturing business that has done so well over the years.

More information from www.titan.uk.net or 01480 474 402 ENDS.