Tribute Automotive has announced the addition of the former JH Classics Dino GT and GTS cars, which are based on the brilliantly performing Toyota MR2 Mk2. The moulds have been transferred to Tribute Automotive for the kit production of the JH Classics series one Dino models.

JH Classics now only produce fully built turnkey cars and so Tribute Automotive is the perfect solution to providing good quality bod kits.

The kit package includes the complete front and rear ends, both ready to fit to the donor car after final GRP trimming. The panels are all scribed for the various holes and cut-lines making this process simple. In addition these sections have reverse mould panels already bonded in allowing easy application to the MR2. Supplied with these are the front bonnet, the engine cover, rear boot cover, two door skins, and the front under valance, all supplied in a grey gelcoat finish.

The conversion is straight-forward and very effective, with the added advantage of no IVA, which saves money that can be applied to extra niceties on the build.

The MR2 donor is not compromised, everything under the gorgeous Dino skin remaining, including all the glass, central locking, ABS, Aircon, Power steering and a choice of 2-litre normally aspirated or turbocharged engines.

The kit package costs £4320 inc VAT from or 07901 544 241 ENDS.