Mahle Motorsports engine components can be found in most every top race series in North America. Using what it learned developing parts for professional race teams, Mahle created PowerPak Piston and Ring Kits suited for a wide variety of performance engine applications.

Mahle PowerPak Piston and Ring Kits include forged pistons made from 4032 aluminium alloy to allow for tighter cylinder to wall clearances and improved temperature stability. The piston skirts get Mahle’s GRAFAL® coating to reduce drag, piston noise, scuffing, friction, and cylinder bore wear.

The kits also come with piston rings, pins, and locks. A dry lubricant phosphate coating in the pin bores and ring grooves helps prevent galling and micro-welding during initial engine startup and break-in. Rounding out a PowerPak kit is a set of high performance, low drag 1.5mm-1.5mm-3.0mm piston rings (1/16-1/16-3/16in for most big block V8s), steel pins, and race-proven round wire locks. Other features include: lightweight slipper skirt forgings, fully-machined crown, pin bores finished on CNC boring equipment, fully de-burred.

In addition to the standard PowerPak Piston and Ring Kits, Mahle PowerPak Plus Piston and Ring Kits for drag racing. The kits have pistons made from an even stronger 2618 aluminium alloy.

Mahle Wissota PowerPak Plus Piston and Ring Kits are purpose-built for sportsman-level circle track racers. The pistons are gas-ported for improved sealing, which results in more horsepower.

Mahle also makes Twisted Wedge® PowerPak Piston Kits tailored specifically to Trick Flow’s Twisted Wedge Cylinder Heads for small block Ford.

Summit Racing carries a large selection of Mahle PowerPak Piston and Ring Kits for American V8 engines, including late model GM LS, Ford Modular, and Chrysler Hemi.

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