Tiger HS6

I was talking to Tiger MD, Jim Dudley, recently following the launch of their lovely new all-colour 66-page brochure that is so much more than just a listing of their products, containing a detailed description of each one, along with Tiger Racing history and much more besides. For the record, the Tiger 2015 range is made up of the following models:

Avon – Budget Lotus Seven kit

Avon Widebody

R6 – Successor to the Tiger Super Six

RS6 – Alloy-bodied

ZR6 – Supercharged version of RS6

Aviator – Simon Keys design

GTA – Standalone full-bodied car or retro-fit to Avon

HS6 – Lotus VI replica

ERA 30 Audi

ERA 30

ERA HSS – Single-seater

To find out more and/or to arrange a test drive or get a free copy of the catalogue visit www.tigerracing.com or 01945 466 200 ENDS.