Fidanza Performance has announced the reintroduction of their range of lightweight aluminium flywheels for classic Jaguars.

The range includes… MkII (1959-67) 3-/4.2 litre; XJ6 (1969-87) 4.2-litre XJ12 (1976-95) 5.3-/6-litre; XJS (1976-95) 5.3-/6-litre; XK120 (1948-) 3.4-litre; XK140 (1949-) 3.4-litre; XK150 3.4-/3.8-litre; E-type (1961-64) 3.8-litre and E-type (1965-71) 4.2-litre.

If it seems strange that an American company should make parts for these most British of classic cars and engines, it should be remembered that Lou Fidanza had great success in racing classic Jaguars before taking time out to found the company that still bears his name.

Fidanza lightweight flywheels offer…

• Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration

• Additional horsepower to the wheels by reducing parasitic losses due to flywheel weight

• Smoother, faster gearshifting

• Easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass)

• Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation)

• Cost savings and longevity (friction plate is replaceable and can be replaced any number of times when worn)

• Potential for increased fuel economy

The re-launched flywheels come with Fidanza’s new green friction plate coating to protect the friction surface from moisture, oil and grease contamination during shipping, storage and


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