B-G Racing’s String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four wheel alignment on almost any car.

The String Line’s frame is fully-adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the rubber-coated hooking arms. All hooks, and tubes, are interchangeable to allow universal fitment.

They are split into three sections giving the possibility of making the bar wider or narrower depending on your requirements, while the bars also have a number of pre-machined grooves for the strings to locate in. This makes the B-G String Lines suitable for cars of different widths.

The B-G String Lines kit consists of front and rear multi-adjustable frames manufactured from high grade mild steel with a durable silver grey powdercoated finish, hooking arms also manufactured from high grade mild steel, various lengths of silver zinc-plated tubes, string bars manufactured from aluminium with bright silver anodised coating and the string line.

The lines can be used in conjunction with HUBStands to achieve the ultimate vehicle set-up and are priced at £323.99 inc VAT with more information from 01268 764 411 or www.bg-racing.co.uk ENDS.