Subarugears is an Australian company that manufactures a reversed ring and pinion gearset and associated components for the Subaru 5MT and 6MT transaxles. These components allow the AWD transaxle to be reversed, shortened and run in rear-engined cars such as VWs, Porsches and kitcars such as the Nova.

Subarugears ships direct to customers and commercial workshop around the globe and their range includes engine and transmission mounts as well as output flanges for cv joints and axles, making Subaru conversions a bolt-in option.

A range of adaptor plates and flywheels is also available, allowing other engines such as the GM LS range, VW air-cooled and Vauxhall Ecotec engines to be adapted to the Subarugears transaxle.

Meanwhile, Subatronics is a new division of Subarugears that manufactures the CANbus emulator. This electronic box allows late model Subaru CANbus engines (Generation 4 onwards) to be run outside of the Subaru environment, such as in VWs and Porsches etc.

Normally, when the Subaru engine computer senses that original ABS, traction control, dashboard and the like are not connected, it goes into limp-home mode and irritatingly illuminates the ‘check engine’ light and stores fault codes.

The CANbus emulator plugs into the engine wiring loom and replicates the code normally used by these components so that the engine’s ECU continues to run the engine in the factory manner, with no change to the ECU code.

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