Omex Technology is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of engine electronics for race series and niche vehicle manufacturers. For over 15-years Omex has also been developing engines and inlet systems to enable complete ‘turnkey’ package supply.

The Cheltenham-based company has just announced a massive expansion of their facilities that includes the release of their own in-house-designed, and manufactured, throttle bodies. The first product range suits DCOE/DHLA manifold compatible ITBs.

There are currently optimised inlet manifolds available for the Ford Duratec 2-litre and 2.3-litre (45mm bodies), Duratec 2.5-litre (48 or 50mm), Ford Zetec angled, Zetec straight shot (both 45mm) and Peugeot Mi16/GTi6 (45mm). Further manifolds are in development and the OMEX bodies will also fit all other DCOE flanged manifolds.

By staying with the motorsport-standard DCOE flanges Omex have allowed their throttle bodies to be compatible with the manifolds and air filters that are already on the market.

This will enable them to be used on nearly all engines and take advantage of the innovations in materials, finishes and detail design available throughout the market.

Special OMEX features –

Two-step wall thickness design allows the highest precision where it is needed by the throttle plate, and the lowest weight everywhere else.

Billet aluminium-machined levers and linkages.

Large volume one-piece aluminium fuel rail with various end fittings.

Protective coatings on all parts, including non-stick coatings of all billet aluminium parts for longevity.

Stainless steel fittings and adjusters.

OEM-specification throttle position sensors for proven reliability.

The same great technical support as the rest of the Omex range

Designed for easy set-up and adjustment with all adjusters easily accessible.

The Omex throttle bodies can be purchased in component parts or as complete sets assembled, ready to bolt to the engine.

Typical complete kit price (inlet manifold, bodies, fuel rail, air horns, throttle position sensor, throttle linkage) £1072.80 inc VAT.

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