Chris hasn't sent us an image of a 250SWB so here's an equally nice MX250, instead.

As usual, with the National Kit Car Motor Show approaching, fast, there’s rumblings down in Dorsetshire and plenty of midnight oil burning going on as Tribute Automotive work feverishly to get their latest projects and new demos ready in time for the show.

This always involves added pressure as Chris and Dan never trailer their stuff to shows, they endure a baptism of fire and drive the freshly constructed vehicle to its weekend destination. Thus far they’ve obviously been doing something right because apart from a few hiccups they’ve never had to abort a trip.

The company’s range of (primarily) Mazda MX-5 and BMW Z3-based body conversions contains some excellent sellers such as Kobra, MX250 (also a convertible version available) and Z300S is joined by the Triumph-based A352 and D-Type replica.

BMW Z3-based Kobra

They also like a special project and recently they’ve created the MRS200 replica, a recreation of a Microplas Mistral fifties special and an intriguing 2CV-based model called The Newport.

However, although I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tribute-boss, Chris Welch, didn’t have something all-new up his sleeve that he hasn’t told me about, it’ll be the 250SWB, another BMW Z3-based conversion that takes centre stage on the company’s Stoneleigh stand. It’s their most adventurous offering yet, will share the same core values as its brethren in that it will be very affordable to build.

More information from ENDS.

2CV-based Newport was a special project for a French customer