In addition to their range of throttle bodies, Norfolk-based, AT Power also produces a range of pumps and they have now developed their own in-house test unit, which is used for end of line product testing and new product development.

To ensure that they meet the highest standards possible, they test each pump and provide the customer with a unique datasheet specific to the item’s serial number. This means that as soon as the pump is removed from its packaging, you can be confident that it is ready to be fitted and will perform to the maximum.

AT keeps an archive of all pumps tested, with results if a customer provides the unique serial number it allows them to retrieve the original test data.

The range of pumps has been significantly increased of late, all available via their website, with new configurations offering flow rates from 11.6 Lt/min@1000rpm up to 22 Lt/Min@1000rpm. All listed assemblies now also feature package drawings available for download from their website.

AT Power also offers a bespoke design service for applications that require a custom solution and they have worked with numerous high profile Motorsport and OEM manufacturers to provide components for the most demanding installations.

More information is available at the other end of 01953 857 800 or via ENDS.