As the Sentury Tyres-owned, Landsail brand reaches its fifth anniversary, the accelerated investment in engineering, production capabability, and R&D has led to continuous improvement in the quality of their tyres across the whole range.

Landsail Tyres aren’t just another Chinese tyre, they are striving to set new benchmarks for quality and value, with the latest pioneering technology. In the key areas of profile design, tread pattern development, compound technology and tyre construction, Landsail tyres have been developed using a combination of 3D computerised simulation, track-testing, and their in-house testing laboratory to perform to the highest standards.

Produced at the Sentury Tyre factory, an emerging power in the global tyre industry, Landsail have gained rapid significant market share in some of the most competitive and quality-conscious countries such as the UK and Germany by virtue of staying at the cutting edge of quality, value, range and pattern development.

2014 saw further investment in Landsail helping to continue growth and add in a brand new workshop within the Sentury factory and a new factory in Thailand – due to begin production in 2015 – and the future looks bright. By the end of 2015 annual capacity will increase from 15 million pieces per year to 25 million.

They offer tyres across many sectors of the market – performance, SUV, off-road, winter et al at very competitive prices.

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