It’s true that the kitcar industry is built on shifting sands and naturally evolves with time. What was once considered alien and not part of our scene can easily become in vogue, much like the acceleration in the body conversion kit. They’ve always been available, of course, but of late, there’s a real influx.

Once everyone seemed to be launching a Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar, whereas now, it’s typically a BMW Z3 or Mazda MX-5 that receives the GRP panel treatment. Even MGB ‘rubber-bumper’ owners can now enhance their cars with several companies, including Garry Hutton of RPS, selling bodykit packages.

Latest arrival is leading Jaguar specialists, Paragon Design, a company focussing their expertise on the XK8. They all offer all manner of cosmetic upgrades to transform a tired-looking but mechanically bulletproof XK. They’ve now gone one step further with their bodykit, named Verendum (latin for awe-inspiring), which comes in at a very reasonable £2500. This is all the more appetising when you work out how affordable a secondhand XK is. Take a spin around the Auto Trader website to see for yourself.

Anyway, Paragon’s kit consists of replacement front bumper, complete with integral undertray, all grilles and the front splitters. The package also includes the rear bumper, which is separate from the diffuser. This too comes with grilles and the twin-rail side sill covers.

None of the original bodywork needs to be chopped or cut, and the rear bumper joins under the rear lights and goes straight along to near the top of the wheel arch, and this is then blended into the rear wing.

A very nice package indeed that suits Convertible and Coupe models.

More information on this one in TKC Mag soon although in the meantime visit ENDS.