Holley EFI Hi-Rise Intake Manifolds are proven power-gainers for V8 engines, but their increased deck height means you need a lot of space to fit one under the bonnet.

For engine builders who want performance but not a huge hood scoop, Holley offers this new Mid-Rise option, which is designed for high-power performance engines. It’s designed for GM LS engines and has an operating range from around 1500 to 6500rpm.

The long runners and tapered cross section make the manifold compatible with a variety of different engine configurations. It includes specialised fuel rails, machined for -8 AN O-rings. The fuel passages are enlarged to accommodate increased fuel flows.

Two manifold options are available: HLY-300-126 – 1997-2007 GM LS1/LS2/LS6 with ‘Cathedral’ Port Heads and HLY-300-135 – 2008-15 GM LS3/L92 with Rectangular Port Heads

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