The Lotus Type 47 was one of several incarnations of the Lotus Europa and had a Lotus-Ford Twin Cam engine rather than the Renault motor of the original Europa. It also had special suspension based on the Lotus 23/Lotus 22 Formula Junior with reversed bottom wishbone, top link and dual radius arms.

Not many were made (estimates vary from 55 to 68 between 1966-70), so it’s unlikely that you’ll find replacement dampers for a 47 at the local motor spares shop.

However, GAZ can make fully adjustable dampers for most classic cars and the Type 47 is a prime example of what GAZ can achieve. Despite the complexity of the Type 47 front dampers, that can be seen in the photograph, this is not a problem for GAZ.

These specially made GP adjustable units are suitable for both for road and competition use.
They have a gas cell fitted in the outer reservoir to prevent cavitation of the oil and resist fade.

They are ride height adjustable and the bounce and rebound rate can be set by means of an easily adjustable knob on the side of the damper body.

All units are available with bearings, as shown, and bonded or polyurethane bushes.

You might not own one of the few Lotus Type 47 models that are still around, but whatever you drive, be assured that, if it has tubular dampers, GAZ can probably build a set of adjustable, uprated GP dampers just for you.

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