Glue-pulling is an ideal repair process when there is restricted access behind the dent to be repaired. New from Laser Tools is this Puller Tool set (part number 7004), which is ideal for reducing small dents and dings.

It is supplied with 24-assorted glue-pads, including circular and split elliptical pads suitable for a variety of different dent shapes and sizes. Eight different profile glue pads are supplied, three of each.

This is a method of PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) and when used with care, the paintwork will not be damaged. The glue-pads are designed to grip the glue and pull in different ways. A split pad initially pulls strongly across the dent. Then the pad deforms as the metal moves out and the pad is pulling more from the centre.

Small general dents can be removed swiftly with this process. Recommended for use with the Power-TEC Gluematic hot-melt glue gun (part no: 91237) and glue-sticks (part number 92342).

A very useful and timesaving addition to your PDR arsenal. Terrific value and available now from your Laser Tools supplier typically priced at just £70.10 inc VAT, but always remember to check for the best price and special offers.

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