Pictured at Bedford Autodrome last Saturday - Duncan Cowper (left) with Vicky Butler-Henderson and Geoff Page and his amazing DAX Rush

That chap Duncan Cowper has been at it again. The diehard and fiendishly quick owner of a succession of superfast DAX RUSH delicacies over the years has been busy making attempts on the HOW FAST? events run by Motorsport Vision at their Bedford venue.

In a nutshell you sign-up, pay your fee (circa £100) and head off to Bedford Autodrome where your day culminates in an attempt at the lap record on their 1.8-mile WEST circuit.

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NEW from Britemax is ALL-IN-ONE MAX (AIO) a high tech, user-friendly all-in-one polish formulated for those that want a premium car care product that gives fast, impressive and reliable results.

ALL-IN-ONE MAX is blended using the latest scientifically engineered polymers and waxes and can be used as a one-step cleaner on lightly oxidized finishes or as a second-step on aged paint that had been pre-cleaned.


  • Single product application
  • Apply by hand or machine
  • Restores dull paint and/or minor oxidation
  • Lightly cleans clear coats
  • Removes swirls and light oxidation
  • Fortified with polymers and Carnauba wax
  • Leaves a glossy and durable protective layer

RRP: £15.95 (473ml) or £69.96 (3.78-litres).

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Rapidfit Looms will be launching their new website very soon, which will allow customers to purchase a greater variety of wiring looms online.

All the looms offered will be in modular format and complete with fuse box and fuses, relays with all branches tubed and labelled, supplied with loom drawings and comprehensive build details.

The forthcoming range will be as follows –

Lotus Seven Style Looms

Wired for Sierra switchgear

Wired for Sierra switchgear plus fully wired ECU connection, relays and separate fuse box

Wired for MX5 switchgear

Wired for MX5 switchgear plus fully wired ECU connection, relays and separate fuse box

Standard dash wiring

Standard dash wiring plus More >


Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a brand new PH neutral formula that clings to your vehicle and cleans like an alkaline. According to Valet PRO it is ‘the best product they’ve ever made’, and that’s quite a statement from one of Europe’s fastest growing car care companies.

Advanced Neutral Snow Foam is a highly concentrated solution (1:30 pump sprayer, 1:300 foam lance attachment final dilution) that allows car enthusiasts with a lance attachment or garden sprayer to take their detailing game to the next level, producing a thick and clingy foam with supercharged cleaning power capable of removing bugs, tree sap, More >


Facom is expanding its hugely popular Protwist® range with the addition of nut drivers available in 14 different sizes.

Facom’s Protwist® range already boasts a wide assortment of screwdrivers catering for every mechanical requirement, from electrical work, engineering and maintenance to industries as demanding as aerospace and laboratory. With this latest addition, the brand aims to ensure that the range continues to meet the needs of professionals across a variety of sectors.

The durable soft polyurethane handle of the 74A range of nut spinners is abrasion and corrosion-resistant. It offers excellent grip and provides the technician with maximum torque and feel during use, while the polyamide core resists shock, greatly reducing user fatigue.

The blades More >


LED Autolamps, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle LED lighting solutions, introduces its latest addition to the range. This brand new licence plate lamp with black housing features a tough polycarbonate lens with an ABS base for extra durability, and four super bright SMD LEDs so that they can clearly be seen.

The lamps are 100 per cent waterproof, come as standard in 12-24 Vdc input voltage with 23 cm of hard-wired cable, and backed by a five-year warranty. These LEDs use exceptionally low power consumption and have a current draw of only 0.07 Amps @13.8 volts and 0.05 Amps @28 More >


Staying true to its ethos of manufacturing good quality hand tools at an affordable price, Britool Expert has added two brand new sets of robust, yet cost-effective pliers to its range.

Available in three-piece (E080804B) and four-piece configurations (E080805B), both sets include 180mm combination pliers, 160mm engineers cutting pliers and 200mm long-nose pliers, with the four-piece set including the addition of 250mm twin slip-joint multigrip pliers.

All pliers feature soft-grip ergonomic handles to facilitate comfortable sustained use.

Paul Woolley, UK Marketing Manager for Britool Expert, says: “We designed our new plier sets to complement the expanding range aimed at electricians and electronic engineers, More >


The crown wheel and pinion (CWP) ratio is one of the main variables controlling the overall gearing on a rear wheel drive car, which means that changing it has a significant effect on a vehicle’s performance.

It’s extremely important to select the optimal ratio suited to engine characteristics and vehicle speed requirements, whether it’s for a road-based trackday car or an outright competition machine that requires fine tuning of performance from circuit-to-circuit.

This is why leading high performance automotive drivetrain manufacturer Quaife Engineering is already experiencing strong demand for the Tran-X crown wheel and pinion (CWP) ratio sets, designed for the ‘English’, More >


Don’t get caught out this winter! Wolfrace has this year’s winter woes covered with an extended range of high quality winter alloy wheels and tyres at affordable prices.

More and more motorists are discovering the benefits of winter wheels and tyres and following the success of last year’s programme, Wolfrace – the leading alloy wheel brand, has extended their range of inclement weather products for 2012.

Wolfrace’s range of winter-specific alloy wheels includes designs such as Como, Davos, Campo and Salerno – all are made in Germany, have a five-year warranty and are complete with the much sought after TUV certification – More >


The mantra of engine care guru STP, focused on maximising engine and fuel efficiency, takes on a new dimension with the launch of their latest generation Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

The most advanced fuel additive available is stronger, better and more efficient than its predecessor and is specially formulated to clean the entire fuel system, with the emphasis on all fuel delivery components and all combustion areas.

STP claim that by simply adding a 400ml bottle of STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of fuel every 4000 miles helps restore the vehicle’s fuel system to optimum operating condition by More >