This professional workshop brake bleeding system (Laser part no: 5629) is designed for one man operation and is quick, clean and efficient. The internal pressure pump is powered from the vehicle’s 12-volt battery and the brake fluid reservoir has a five-litre capacity, which enables the entire braking system fluid to be replaced in one fill without the risk of the reservoir running dry.

The unit supplies brake fluid under pressure to the vehicle’s fluid reservoir, this pressure can be adjusted to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Once set up the system is bled by opening the bleed screws.

Compact and portable, the stainless steel More >


Caterham Cars will launch its most extreme Seven to date at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend (July 12-14).

As the lightweight sportscar manufacturer celebrates 40 years of developing and building the Seven, Caterham is re-inventing the already enviable parameters of its iconic model, with the Seven 620R setting a new benchmark in outrageous performance.

A newly-engineered, 2-litre supercharged Ford Duratec engine pumps out 310bhp, propelling the Seven 620R from 0-60mph in under 2.8-seconds.

Priced at £49,995 inc VAT, the 620R sits at at the top of the current range, replacing the Superlight R500.

Caterham F1 Team driver Charles Pic will drive the More >


It’s probably fair to say that most of us have a satnav device nowadays. I’ve tried a few over the years and several have their merits. The brand that I have found suits my needs best though is Garmin and their units have saved me from being lost more times than I care to remember.

Some of the UK’s kitcar manufacturers are located in very out of the way places and without a decent satnav would never be found! My old unit fell over the other day and literally gave up.

I regularly receive press releases from the main satnav makers including More >


Due to a shortage of affordable options when it comes to trumpets or ‘bellmouths’ we are now producing our own design lightweight aluminium trumpets with standard Jenvey/Weber flange fitment. These are also compatible with our GSXR throttle body conversions when used with our CNC clamp ring design (see pics). Available diameters (internal) are 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. Lengths 50mm or 90mm. RRP £15 each.

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This advanced and proven equipment enables complete suspension and alignment set-up – ride heights, camber, castor and toe angles – at the hub, without the wheels and tyres attached.

With HUBStands, set-up is far quicker and more precise than using tyres, with accuracy being measured to within 0.1 degree. The equipment also eliminates the need to constantly roll the car on and off the scales, greatly reducing the set-up time.

Every set of height-adjustable, three-axis compliant HUBStands comes with one type of multi-pattern hub plate that fits more than one bolt pattern per set. The interchangeable plates are available in a wide More >


Here’s a neat product for the car builder, a hose made of nitrile rubber, which is completely safe and suitable for fuels and perfect for use as a fuel filler hose.

The hose features an inner nitrile liner, and a wire spiral inside the wall of the hose allows the hose to be flexible enough to bend into angles. Simply push-fit onto your filler and tank necks and tighten with T-bolt clamps supplied.

Lengths available – 300mm, 500mm, 700mm and 1000mm and five different diameters from 38 to 63mm. Small diameters are particularly good at bending with tight curves possible. Diameters from More >


Available now in hypersilver or black, the ‘Europe’ alloy rim from MOMO UK features a broad 10-spoke design.

The ‘Europe’ is available in 17in at £111.66 each and 18in diameter at £132.50 each.

Many bolt patterns and offsets are available making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles, while the wheels are also run-flat and TPMS compatible and can be supplied in big ‘n’ little front and rear combinations, if required.

More details from 01268 764 411 or ENDS.


Torx Plus® fasteners have become popular with vehicle manufacturers as they allow greater torque to be applied and minimise wear. Recent additions to the Laser Tools’ Torx Plus® range are these two socket sets which together cover the most commonly used fixings.

The ¼in drive set (part no: 5616) covers the sizes, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12EP, and the 3/8″ drive set (part no: 5617) covers 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20EP.

The sockets are manufactured from 50bv30 steel for strength and durability and are supplied on a socket rail.

Excellent value and available now at £12.77 inc VAT More >


Burton Power has just produced a new dry sump pan to suit long stroke cranks for Ford Pinto and Cosworth YB engines.

Until now, running a long stroke crank would require the sump to be cut and modified.

These alloy sumps will take all strokes without requiring sump modification.

Order as Part number OPIOSP1 with an RRP of £540 inc VAT.

For further details contact Burton Power on 0208 554 2281 or ENDS.


AP Racing has further developed and updated its popular CP5500 Floor Mounted Pedal Box range.

The Floor Mounted Push Type Pedal Box range (CP5500) is a generic racing pedal box designed with both comfort and control in mind. The technologically advanced units feature machined-billet base plates and pedals with adjustable footpads, allowing for pedal ratios and spacing to be altered as required.

Important features such as adjustable travel stops on the throttle and clutch pedals, as well as ball bearing pivots, have been retained but, in addition, the updated pedal box is now available a new contactless rotary sensor with dual input/output More >