Seals Plus is one of those companies that the specialist car industry can’t really do without. As the name suggests, they specialise in rubber seals although they do offer much more than that. Think rubber or silicone extrusions, expanded neoprene, white PVC cord, flocked lined window rubbers and glass door seals, to name but a few of the 800 product lines they keep in stock. Actually, the total of stock and non-stock part numbers they have access to is closer to 10,000!

Kit and specialist cars play a significant part in the business although are dwarfed by classic cars (also including veteran and vintage machinery), marine (where else are you getting a seal for your Houdini hatch!), industrial and currently their largest market – caravans (including motorhomes, too).

Founded by Phil Howard in 1998, the rubber industry specialist was working for a large company in the field, but Phil felt that the motoring enthusiast, or rather the customer that didn’t want 1000-metres at a time of rubber extrusion, wasn’t being catered for. He had an idea and made it a reality some 26 years ago – he hasn’t looked back since.

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