Competitively priced and high-quality bulb brand, NEOLUX, has launched a new LED range for off-road use only.

Consisting of two references, H4 and H7/H18, NEOLUX’s LED range is now available, providing an affordable solution for drivers who want LED lighting in their off-road vehicles.

Due to their compact socket design and easy plug-and-play installation, these new LED lights from NEOLUX allow for high compatibility, as well as an easy installation, as there are no caps or adapters needed to fit these bulbs. With a colour temperature of 6500K, they provide a stylish upgrade with Cool White LED light and superior brightness.

The NEOLUX LED range provides better visibility for the driver, thanks to the daylight effect, and it also allows drivers to see further and therefore react sooner to any obstacles ahead. Helpfully, due to the optimised light distribution, it means that there’s reduced glare.

As stated previously, these products do not have ECE approval and therefore must not be used on public roads in any exterior application.

The NEOLUX range is available from many parts distributors and motor factors nationwide.

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