The brand-new Defender Ultra Slim Door Wedge Alarm means you can leave your workshop door ajar for ventilation, safe in the knowledge that a powerful siren will sound if an intruder attempts to enter.


Ideal for warm weather, this highly effective crime prevention device is battery-operated. It allows doors to be left open just a little to let in a cool breeze while securing them with an alarmed wedge.

Police accredited via the Secured by Design initiative, this innovative alarm helps protect you and your property. Awarded a Sold Secure Gold Standard by the Master Locksmith Association, the wedge will fit any gap of 5-15mm between the door and the floor and is suitable for all types of flooring.

This heavy-duty, non-slip door wedge emits a piercing 125-decibel siren if someone attempts to force the door and is designed to shock and deter a sneak thief or burglar.

To use, just place the wedge underneath the door when it is closed or ajar. Once switched on there is a 5-second delay before the alarm function is enabled. Simply switch off the alarm function to use as a regular, reliable door wedge.

The Defender Ultra Slim Door Wedge Alarm is priced at £7.95, available from ENDS.