The summer is a distant memory, which means that wash day for your beloved motor is usually a back-breaking combination of cleaning baked-on dirt, brake dust, salt and fallout from your wheels and bodywork. However, for those who like a simpler and easier driveway routine, there’s Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller. A carefully configured wonder cleaner that evicts iron particles from their unwanted tenure on your motor!

Colour-changing iron removers are nothing new, of course. Perfect for paint decontamination and deep cleaning, their addictive and spectacular reaction when they come into contact with near-invisible iron contaminants makes every detailing session more fun. As the perfect pre-cursor to a claying session, they provide a superb shortcut, scything through the ferrous particles left by pad and disc particles on wheels and bodywork, removing many harmful contaminants with their visually pleasing purple hue.

That said, not all iron removers are created equal. Ferrous Dueller fallout remover is truly pH-neutral to minimise the chance of inadvertent damage to sensitive finishes and contains additional ingredients to boost performance. That said, while Dodo Juice’s white-coated boffins may have ensured that it’s gentle where it matters, that didn’t stop them from turning the cleaning power to ‘11’ in the process. You may have used fallout removers before, but chances are, you won’t have seen one that performs like this. It all makes for shorter cleaning times with easier removal than other, more watered-down competitors. It all saves time for the more fun elements of the cleaning process…

With clever surfactants to truly deep clean through dirt and grime, Ferrous Dueller manages the magic trick of being easy to spray and apply yet offering plenty of cling time to wage war on that filth! At £11.00 for a 500ml bottle, it’s a winter washday essential.

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