FEEL THE POWER with four new Clarke battery chargers, expanding their already extensive range!


The smallest of the latest additions is the Clarke IBC2 Intelligent 2A Battery Charger. It has a 6-stage fully automated charging cycle, delivering up to 2 Amps of charging. It can be used with all types of 6V/12V lead acid batteries (WET, MF, EFP, STD., GEL and AGM) and LiFePO4 batteries up to 60Ah.

This unit includes detachable battery clamps and ring terminals, fitted with an inline fuse for added usage. It also has several safety features including reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection.

6 Stage Charging Cycle: Activate Battery, Maintenance Charge, CC, CV, Close Charging, Compensation Charge.

The most powerful new model is the Clarke IBC10 Intelligent 10A Battery Charger. This model has a few crucial differences to the IBC2, none more so than its ability to deliver 10 Amps of charging and charge batteries up to 200Ah.

The IBC10 comes with some additional safety features and offers reverse polarity, over temperature, short circuit, overcharging and overload protection. The IBC10, like the IBC5 and IBC5 models, also features an LCD not LED screen.

10 Stage Charging Cycle: Activate Battery, Devulcanization, Repair, Pulse Current Charge, CC, CV, Floating Charge, Flat Charge, Analysis Battery, Compensation Charge.

  Clarke IBC2 Clarke IBC5 Clarke IBC6 Clarke IBC10
Charging Cycle 6 Stage 10 Stage 10 Stage 10 Stage
Max Charge Amps 2 4 6 10
Charges Batteries up to 60Ah 120Ah 150Ah 200Ah
Charges Battery Types 6V/12V lead acid & LiFePO4 6V/12V lead acid & LiFePO4 6V/12V lead acid & LiFePO4 6V/12V lead acid & LiFePO4
Charge Indicator LED LCD LCD LCD
Output Volts 12V 12V 12V 12V
Cost (inc VAT) £23.98 £27.59 £47.98 £53.99

Please note: None of the chargers are suitable for Lithium Ion or Li-Po batteries.

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