As the vast majority of the vehicles in the UK are still powered by either a petrol or diesel engine – and even hybrid electrics still incorporate one version or the other – the demand for engine-related replacement parts is as strong as ever, and recent forecasts indicate this will remain the case for at least the next decade

In order to conform with European emissions legislation, whatever their fuel type, many of these engines are small capacity units employing forced induction combustion systems, which are almost always reliant on a turbocharger.

As the turbo is such an important element for the correct running and efficiency of the engine, when problems arise and they need to be replaced, quality is key, but so too is the general support provided by the turbo manufacturer, for both the workshop fitting and the motor factor supplying them.

Responding to this joint challenge, the turbos that feature in the Nissens Automotive (Nissens) range, are not only manufactured to Genuine Nissens quality standards to provide the durability and reliability that is required for these high-performance parts but are also backed up with a comprehensive technical support package that delivers benefits to the factors supplying them, in addition to the obvious advantages for the installers fitting them.

The constantly growing offering, which currently consists of almost 400 part numbers, is also increasing in its coverage of the vehicle parc, presently standing at almost 3900 OE references that, in addition to PC and LCV applications, also includes trucks. This is already 59 per cent of the European market but will continue to rise to over the course of the next 12 months.

The Nissens turbo offering falls within the company’s Engine Efficiency and emissions product category, which also includes intercoolers, EGR valves, modules and coolers, as well as turbo oil feed pipes, and provides workshops with everything that’s needed to complete a full and thorough turbo replacement, by ensuring the new unit is correctly and reliably lubricated ENDS.