Introducing the Assorted Fog Lamp Harness Connector Kit, new from Connect Workshop Consumables (part number 37666). This kit includes a set of 24 fog light connectors, each equipped with a short harness. This is a comprehensive range of connectors, ensuring compatibility with different fog lamp types.

Included connectors are as follows:

    H11 / H8 female fog lamp connector

    H9 female fog lamp connector

    Heavy-duty fog lamp connector

    HB4 9006 fog lamp connector

    9006 fog lamp connector

    9005 fog lamp connector

Each connector is usefully supplied with 20cm of cable, forming a ready-made mini harness. This feature proves invaluable for tasks such as repairing accident-related damage or retrofitting fog lamps onto the front bumper panel of vehicles. With this kit, you’ll have the right connectors at your fingertips to efficiently handle various fog lamp installations and repairs.

Part of the extensive electrical connector range from Connect Workshop Consumables and is available now from your local stockist or online supplier.

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