Gtechniq has announced the launch of HALOv2, Flexible Film Coating.

HALO is designed to make maintenance of paint protection films (PPF) and vinyl a breeze. When applied to the surface, this chemical bonding, super-dense film becomes the permanent surface of the PPF and vinyl to make the surface incredibly slick and dirt-repellent.

The development of HALOv2 has been extensive and has taken over a year. By utilising the latest in weatherproof composite siloxane technology, the latest version has significant performance improvements. Users can expect to see improved durability, increased hydrophobic performance and dirt repellency. HALOv2 is compatible with a vast array of PPFs and vinyl including the latest hydrophobic films.

A key component of the HALOv2 is that it now only requires one layer of product to be applied, rather than the previous version which required two layers, saving time, effort and making maintenance a breeze.

GTechniq boss Rob Earle said: “Ease of application and performance are two of the cornerstones of our product philosophy. With HALOv2 only requiring a single layer and that single layer comfortably out-performing two layers of HALOv1, this update hits both of those marks head on.”

HALOv2 is available in 30ml and 50ml, with prices starting from £55.00 for the 30ml fill.

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