Designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution for tool organisation, this new Magnetic Holder and Tray Set from Laser Tools (part number 8657), offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for keeping tools and accessories in order.

The versatile set includes four magnetic holders, constructed from durable Laser-blue powder-coated steel and equipped with strong magnets to securely attach to tool cabinets, metal storage units, or any ferrous surface. Each magnet is thoughtfully designed with a protective cover to prevent scratches.

The set includes two storage trays, perfect for organising hand tools, parts, and components: the short storage tray measures 150 x 110 x 120mm and has a load capacity of 600gm; the long storage tray measures 310 x 110 x 120mm and can support a load of 1.17kg. These trays are perfect for organising hand tools, parts, and components, allowing for easy access and efficient workflow.

The set also features a can-holder designed to accommodate three aerosol cans with seven additional holes for storing screwdrivers. A paper towel holder is also included, measuring 102 x 130 x 83mm, with a load capacity of 640gm. This feature ensures that paper towels are readily accessible for quick and easy clean-ups during your work.

This versatile set ensures that your tools and accessories are always within easy reach and securely held in place, making it an essential addition to any workshop or garage. Now available for purchase from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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