The latest model from the Little Car Company is an 85 per cent scale Blower Bentley called ‘The Bentley Blower Jnr’ an authorised collaboration with Bentley Motors and a tribute to the iconic 1929 racer.

Featuring an electric, 15kW, 48-volt powertrain (producing the equivalent of 20bhp) with several drive modes with a quoted range of 75 miles and top-speed in the UK and Europe of 45mph restricted to 25mph in the USA.

It is classed as a quadricycle (L7e class) in the UK, but unlike a Renault Twizy or Citroën Ami, you need to be 17 rather than 16 to drive it in the UK. However, it can be made road-legal and can accommodate two adults in a tandem-style arrangement.

Typical of LCC it looks beautifully built and features many of the materials (such as Lustrana hide and a string-bound steering wheel) and construction techniques that Bentley’s Mulliner Special Vehicles division used on the recent Blower Continuation Series although, at prices from £108,000 inc VAT, it seems a bargain at about 10 per cent the cost of the Mulliner car.

It is beautifully done. Inspired by Blower Number 2 innovation includes a luggage area where the fuel tank would be on an original with a homecharging socket concealed within the fake supercharger, which are great details. The best bit is there’ll be no oil leaks on your driveway!

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