Making an unplanned stop on a public road can be dangerous. Older cars, including plenty of vintage/classic style kitcars, are harder to illuminate during a breakdown situation. Making your car as visible as possible is essential in such situations.

Until now, the invaluable assistance provided by a hazard warning light system in 6-volt cars has meant bulky and complicated equipment that looks out of place on early cars.

However, this neat new kit from Better Car Lighting offers a great solution and uses a small push-button to activate the system and it works with standard or LED bulbs and has a traditional audible warning, plus the switch lights up red when active.

The switch will fit a standard 12mm hole, plus there is a neat black crackle-finished bracket included in the kit.

There are just four connections to be made and all wires are tagged to make it simple and quick to install. The kit comes in both positive and negative earth versions and carries a five-year guarantee.

The kit, complete with all fittings and clear instructions costs just £83.99 inc VAT.

For more information contact or 0121 773 7000 ENDS.