Another of the UK kitcar industry’s hardest working and nicest blokes is Rob Hancock of Quantum Sports Cars and since the start of 2023 the ANC Replicar, too.

In recent months, Rob has been burning the midnight oil on a brand-new kit, a heavily revised version of the Replicar that he has christened the LMR-141. In effect, the company has shortened and narrowed the original bodyshell and made other changes such as moving the doors back. However, the Replicar ‘shell remains available.

The result is a coherent-looking package which remains based on the Mazda MX-5 donor car. Kits are priced at £7295 and features spaceframe chassis, aluminium internal panelling, GRP bodyshell (various colours available)

An exciting new arrival that is available now. More information from or from the other end of 01364 388 008 ENDS.