Already one of the leading authorities on all matters Citroën 2CV and definitely one of the hardest working, Darren Arthur of The 2CV Shop in Warminster has now been appointed UK distributor for the excellent 2CV-based Burton.

The car has always sold extremely well in Benelux but has never really gained a foothold here, mainly because sales elsewhere were so strong. It was launched in year 2000 and was the work of Dutch brothers, Iwan and Dimitri Göbel, enthusiastic 2CV specialists.

Within a year they’d sold nearly 100 of them running the company alongside their established 2CV Parts and Duck Hunt 2CV Conversions businesses. The sales total is now nudging 1400 worldwide.

Although not a replica, the Burton is clearly inspired by various cars of the past such as those by Bugatti, Talbot-Lago and Delahaye. In November 2022, the Göbels sold their companies to the huge French 2CV Mehari Club Cassis operation.

Darren tentatively displayed his fledgling demo car at Malvern last weekend albeit in a lowkey way on the Citroën Specials club stand but reaction to it was extremely encouraging. We’ve been promised the EXCLUSIVE first drive roadtest – thanks Darren – and that feature will appear very shortly in TKC MAG.

Both kits and fully built cars will be available with base packages from £5429.99 inc VAT or a deluxe kit at £6529.25 inc VAT which includes GRP bodykit, bonnet, boot lid, gearlever and engine bay fittings. If you wish, as you’d expect from of the country’s foremost experts on all things 2CV, Darren can supply you with all the donor parts you need from £650. As mentioned, he can also build you one to your specification – in any colour you like including black!

Incidentally, Mehari kits cost £6600 inc VAT but that’s only the tip of Darren’s 2CV-flavoured iceberg!

Having had a good look at the new UK Burton website, I think I can safely say that it is one of the most impressive specialist car site that I have ever seen. It’s interactive, it’s informative and it is easy to navigate.

Find out more from or for Mehari and beyond visit ENDS.