The latest Tool Promotion from Sealey features a wide range of innovative tools and accessories, including a new range of floodlights. It also offers you an exciting opportunity to win the ultimate 105-piece tool kit worth over £865.

Discover the New Range of Floodlights:

Sealey’s Tool Promotion showcases over 180 new products, among them the cutting-edge LED15WFL
3-in-1 rechargeable floodlight. This impressive floodlight boasts a remarkable 1000-lumen output, providing exceptional illumination. The floodlight’s versatile design allows it to be folded into the stand, enabling dual-side room lighting, or extended for a long floodlight effect. Equipped with integral magnets, the LED15WFL floodlight can also be used as an under-bonnet lamp, adding further convenience to your tool collection.

One-Battery-Fits-All Ranges:

Sealey continues to innovate with its one-battery-fits-all ranges. The promotion highlights the fast-charging 10.8V series, ideal for light-duty tasks, the compact 12V series, ideal for use in tight spaces, and the powerful 20V series which achieves high outputs without compromising operating time. With over 40 tool bodies to choose from, along with single or twin chargers and a range of lithium-ion batteries, the SV20 series offers the most versatile way to build your own cordless tool kit over time.

Enter to Win the Ultimate 105-Piece Tool Kit:

Sealey’s Tool Promotion not only brings a vast array of exceptional tools but also offers an exciting competition. By entering online, participants will have a chance to win the ultimate 105-piece tool kit, valued at over £865. This comprehensive tool kit provides a wide range of high-quality hand tools, ensuring the winner has everything they need to tackle any project.

To discover all the new products featured in the latest Tool Promotion and to enter the competition, ENDS.