On Sunday morning at Malvern, a new kitcar rolled into the hall (having missed the first day due to other commitments).

The Northern Light 630, a very innovative three-wheeler, is classed as an eBike and weighs just 77kg. One of the men behind the project, Graham Browne, is a noted automotive designer.

He started working at TVR in Blackpool as a student under the late Peter Wheeler, initially working on the Tuscan, interior stuff on the Lee Hodgetts, Daren Hobbs and Martin Smith designed T350 and then the T400, Typhon, the Sagaris, Tuscan convertible and Sagaris 2 as chief designer.

When Wheeler moved on having sold the TVR marque Graham then designed the Scamander RRV for him.

Three versions of the Northern Light are currently available the 428 (blue) kit at £4000 which is pedal operated, the 557 (green) which has a 10aH electric motor at £5000 and top of the range fully electric 630 (red) at £6000.

When Wheeler moved on after TVR Graham penned the Scamander RRV V6

Graham designed the TVR Sagaris

By the way, those numbers relate to the colours of the Northern Lights spectrum. Alternatively, Graham told me that Northern Light could also stand for ‘it comes from the north and doesn’t weigh very much’!

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