British artisan car detailing brand Supernatural is aiming for heavenly status with the launch of Deus, its new super-premium car wax.

Named after the Latin word for ‘god’ to signify its superiority, Supernatural Deus is the brand’s most exclusive, expensive and high-performance finishing product to date. Based on the already legendary Supernatural Hybrid wax, Deus car wax raises its surface-protecting qualities to virtual omnipotence through the additional infusion of graphene and quartz-based ceramic ingredients.

Supernatural Deus is effortless to apply thanks to its buttery texture and offers a formulation that is half-wax, half-sealant – polishing to a worshipful glow yet reflecting the light of truth with a crisp gloss. And with just ten millilitres of product being enough to treat the average size car for around six months, a little of this spirit goes a very long way.

Supernatural Deus is available in two sizes, with exclusivity guaranteed by strictly limited production. A total of 300 units will be made of the 30ml Deus, while just fifteen units will be produced of the 250ml Deus Rex. Both versions are beautifully packaged in aluminium containers, with the ultimate Deus Rex edition coming in a royal purple colourway in honour of the King’s Coronation and presented in a CNC-machined vessel crafted by an F1 team component supplier.

Retail prices: Deus £95 inc VAT and Deus Rex £950 inc VAT

Throughout June 2023, every customer purchasing a container of Deus wax from the official website will be automatically entered into a competition to win one of three Deus Rex waxes. In early July, three customers will be contacted at random and asked to answer a simple question. If answered correctly, a container of Deus Rex wax worth £950 will be sent to each individual.

Tell me more about Supernatural…

Supernatural is the premium detailing brand of the parent company Dodo Juice. Since its inception in 2009, Supernatural has grown to offer a multi-award-winning range of car care products and accessories, primarily for modern and retro classics. As the name of the brand suggests, the philosophy is to develop super-products that deliver other-worldly performance from substantially natural core ingredients combined with the latest technologies.

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