Rochdale-based Tetrosyl Group has announced that its Triplewax brand has been revamped as part of its extensive rebrand initiative.

Triplewax was launched in 1971, with breakthrough wax polish technology and was the first easy-shine car wax. With various designs over the years, Tetrosyl replaced the existing green shades with palettes of blue and turquoise. This can be seen throughout their products, including their logo, which has changed from emerald green to dark blue. Triplewax has also introduced a sub-brand known as Triplewax Diamond, to better reflect the high-quality of the products they provide.

With Tetrosyl’s initiative to reduce plastic waste throughout the company, Triplewax’s rebrand helps support this by excluding black plastics from their product design. Black plastic cannot be picked up by the Infra-Red systems used in most recycling centres, which means the plastics end up in a landfill and contaminate the recycling stream. Triplewax bottles will now contain 30 per cent post-consumer recycled plastics and are 100 per cent recyclable. The new sleeve design will enable consumers to easily detach the sleeve from the bottle to assist with clean recycling.

Peter Schofield, Chairman of Tetrosyl, said: “The Triplewax rebrand has been a long time in the planning. We wanted to redesign the packaging and bottles to bring it into the modern age. With Tetrosyl’s aim to reduce virgin plastics across the company, we thought there was no better time to introduce this than when rebranding Triplewax.”

Triplewax has also launched a new refillable range. The Refillable content focuses on their new pouches, which can be used to refill existing plastic bottles that have previously been purchased. The pouches are 100 per cent recyclable, including the plastic cap.

By not producing the product in a plastic 1-litre bottle, Triplewax pouches use 80 per cent less plastic which is only beneficial to helping the environment. Producing more pouches will also help reduce carbon emissions.

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