I’ve always kept a close eye on the varied multi-coloured tapestry that is the huge VW Beetle scene, particularly the engine and performance parts aspects. There are plenty of companies who can make a Beetle engine go faster but there are tuners and there are tuners.

One very good who has appeared on my radar lately is The VW Engine Company of Keston. They can offer you reconditioned units as well as brand-new engines featuring many of their own components. Prices for Type 1 or Type reconditioned ‘cores’ start at £1974 inc VAT or for their ‘new’ reconditioned range it’s from £3174 inc VAT. Both of those attract a £480 inc VAT surcharge refundable on receipt of your old unit.

Established in 1979 the company claims to be the UK’s largest manufacturer supplier of reconditioned engines and they certainly spoilt the customer for choice. Spokesperson James Courtney told me: “Our range spans 1940-1990 and includes everything from early fixed pedestal 30bhp units through the entire air-cooled era right up to T25 water-boxers. Petrol only, no diesel.

OMG! A glorious brand new air-cooled Veedub engine – 1776 big bore

“Primarily we supply longblocks, or as some may call them ‘Head-to-Head’ Engines to trade as well as directly to the end user. Our range is available from stock for immediate dispatch and next-day shipping is available for the entire UK and Europe.

“Additionally, our onsite workshop can offer customers our extremely popular customised Turnkey Service utilising their own ancillaries or if you would prefer, complete ready-to-go new turnkeys. Full supply and fits and engine and vehicle servicing is also available.”

One of their engines that has really caught my eye recently is their ‘new’ 1776cc big bore unit using all-new parts. A couple of kitcar manufacturers have just started using these engines so you’ll be hearing about them very soon.

This is a real corker and the specification features:

  • New Heavy-Duty Autolinea Crank Case to suit Beetle, Type 1 and Type 2
  • New Big Valve Cylinder Heads with all-new Stainless-Steel valves, springs, tops and collets
  • New Mild Road Camshaft & new cam gear
  • New Cam Followers
  • New AA Piston and Liners 90.5mm
  • 69mm Crankshaft standard size and fitted with New Crank Drive Gears
  • All New Silverline main, big end and cam bearings
  • Original Genuine VW Con Rods inspected for twist, alignment and balance
  • New Small End Bushes
  • Original Genuine VW Push Rods
  • Bolt up standard ratio Rocker Gear Assembly
  • New heavy-duty oil pump
  • New Stainless Steel push-rod tubes
  • Full Elring gasket set and NGK spark plugs
  • New Rocker Covers
  • New 200mm Flywheel
  • New Oil Cooler
  • Supplied with all necessary fitting gaskets.

Keenly priced, an engine to this specification using all brand-new parts is priced accordingly so you’ll need £8478 inc VAT to buy one. What won’t be in question though is the 90bhp it produces! Speaking with James on this he tells me that there may well be a more potent version, but that’s for another news item

They also offer a lovely 1641cc version, a big bore with a single carburettor with brand-new ancillaries at £6000 inc VAT.

For more information visit www.thevwenginecompany.com or call them on 0208 692 3326 ENDS.