In addition to being a long-established supplier of performance parts and enhancements, Merlin Motorsport has long been a company used extensively by kitcar enthusiasts.

What I like is that you get a bit more from Merlin in that they have a regular stream of ‘how-to’ articles on a variety of subjects on their website. For example, I’ve just discovered a great

‘HOW TO’ ARTICLE ON PACKING & WRAPPING YOUR EXHAUST This includes – the difference between E-Glass and Basalt and how packing works.

Merlin also sells their own branded BASALT EXHAUST WRAP which comes in four colours – Brown, Natural, Black or White. These are very popular although they also stock the Thermo-Tec range of Cool-It exhaust wraps.

Exhaust wrap is primarily used on exhaust manifolds to shield important components close to it, but it is quite normal to have the whole exhaust system wrapped to shield the underside of the chassis, too. The idea of wrapping your exhaust is to move extreme heat further down the system and away from important components in the engine bay like hoses, wiring and bodywork.

More on this and their other products via or call them on 01249 782 101 ENDS.