Change the way your remove transmissions forever! Developed by a time-served mechanic for Laser Tools – when combined with a traditional transmission jack this patented Laser transmission support arm (part number 8579), simplifies gearbox removal and fitting by supporting the gearbox from above. The specially-shaped arm goes up the side of the gearbox and gives an attachment point to hang the support strap and chains supplied.

Because the gearbox is hanging from the support it is much easier to manoeuvre both in and out of position. The Laser transmission support arm turns a transmission jack from underneath support, into a much more stable over-the-top support, while still maintaining the ability to work from underneath.

With a 200kg safe working load, it provides dramatic time reductions in the removal and replacement of the gearboxes. Significantly improves stability requiring only one person and hands-free operation. Works well with the Laser Tools 5750 engine support and 4842 support beam.

The Laser transmission support arm is available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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